Smoke & CO Detectors at Ernstoff Properties in Los Angeles
    Batteries:  (Spare 9 Volt batteroes are taped to hidden side of hot-water heater in laundry room)
    Smoke & CO Detector Manuals and Aural Alarm Codes
Air Conditioners
    6000 BTU / hour Carrier airconditioner remote control page 1
    6000 BTU / hour Carrier airconditioner remote control page 2
    6000 BTU / hour Carrier airconditioner control panel
    J6-ACnFAH manual
   Please note that color coding of wiring has faded. Be careful!  J6-ACnFAH E-Schematic

    Whirlpool      Dishwasher User Guide Whirlpool
    Maytag Dishwasher
        Upper Rack Replacement End Cap Removal Instructions Manual
        Dishwasher Rack End Removal
        End Cap Removal Hints

Pilot light ignitors come in left and right side feed. For Vinton, must have unit with orientation shown in green, and bracket needs stright (not 90 degree) mounting.
    Pilot Light Ignitor Orientation
    Generator Output Voltage Adjustment

operation (Basically the same for Jasmine and Vinton)
Solar Hot Water Heating Basic
Five solar panels on the roof heat water which is then circulated by a pump through two heat exchanger tanks located in the laundry room.  The water in the heat exchanger tanks is fed into the gas hot water heater as needed to supply hot water to the building.  The fluid circulating through the solar panels and the heat exchangers does not mix with the City water.
Vx Hot Water Heating System
There are numerous valves to allow servicing of the hot water system. Those valves with green tape are normally open. Those valves with red tape are normally closed.  On the wall to the right of the window are three switches and a time clock:

Gas Heater
The sequence of operations for heating hot water is as follows:  (1) Thermostat calls for heat and commands flue vent damper to open. (2) Flue vent opens and sends power to igniter. (3) Ignitor spark lights pilot flame. When pilot flame ignition is sensed, power is sent to open main gas value.

Hot Water Circulation Line

GARAGE GATE Operation - Vinton
WARNING .  Battery back-ups mean the gates can open even when there is no utility power to the building.
 GARAGE GATE Operators - Vinton  Rear
    Key to open lock on alley side operator is key with red tape.
    Chain is ANSI #41, pitch 1/2 inch, roller width 1/4 inch. Approximately 24 feet of chain needed on each side
    To disassemble & reassemble use special deep socket tools in the storage cabinet.. Make sure power is off.

GARAGE GATE Operators - Vinton  Front
    Gate can be opened with either a Linear 512 dip switch clicker or a Linear MegaCode.  Linear 512 may be on a clock.
    To program addition MegaCode Clicker see Procedures/Linear-AP-5_Programming-Clicker.jpg
    AccessPro AP5 front panel: Procedures/Linear-AP-5_Controls.jpg

Operation - Jasmine
    At Jasmine Front gate, push the "buzzer" button to sound tone in apartment. Note gate latch has a silent release.
    At Jasmine Rear gate, press the buttons in the code sequence. Note gate latch has a silent release. press last button again to repeat release.
PEDESTRIAN GATE & DIRECTORY DIALER Operation  - Vinton - 2015 Update
    DoorKing dialer is best programed from a telephone by calling into the unit following DK 1810 instructions intentionally not presented here.
    DoorKing dialer connects to the telephone network via twisted pair to telephone connection box and from there back up to location of Vonage translator.
    Tenants are to, push 9 on  telephone when called to open gate. Alternatively, visitors can enter one of the four digit gate codes.

    Electric Strike Operation
    J0-GateEstrike Notes -SVGA.JPG
    Iron Gate Latching Bolt Soft Key Modification
    Electric Strike Adjustment PowerPoint Charts
Hydrolic Gate Closer Adjustment  #1 is Door Closing Speed, #2 is Door Latching Speed.   clockwise to slow, counter CW to speed up.

    Hydraulic Closer Configuration to preclude slamming
    Swing Gate Closer Configuration Optimization

Toilet Installation Precaution

FAUCET VALVES - Servicing Bath and Kithen
American Standard Ceramic Lavoratory Valves Two Hangles
AmStd Lavoratory One Handle Faucet Valve Cartride
pfister K-faucet diagram

    Jasmine original Price Pfister Values - All except central bath in #6. See Jx-BathShowerPlumbing.jpg
    Image of Price Pfister Diverter Valve Jx-DiverterValve.JPG
    Over stuffing kitchen sink garbage disposal can result in lower floor flooding. See OverFlow-Kitchen.jpg
    Over stuffing bathroom toilet can result in lower floor flooding. See OverFlow-Bath.jpg
    Stuffed up toilet will not overflow with just one flush, see Toilet-Overflow.jpg

UTILITIES - Gas / Electric / Water
KEY UTILITY SERVICE LOCATIONS - Vinton   V0-UtilitiesSevices.jpg
KEY UTILITY SERVICE LOCATIONS - Jasmin  J0-UtilitiesSevices.jpg
Earthquake Value - Reset  J1-QuakeValve_CloseUp%20of%20Reset.JPG
Earthquake Value - Indentification  J1-QuakeValve_CloseUp%20on%20Pipe.JPG