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4006 East Boulevard #5, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Composit paramic view of building facing Washington Blvd.
View of building facing East Blvd.
Two bedroom, One Bath + Sun Room  (South-west corner unit on second floor.)

LOCATION - Mar Vista Section of Los Angeles. South-East corner of East Blvd. and Washington Place, about 1/2 mile west of the San Diego (I10) Freeway, and one major street south of Venice Boulevard. Adjacent to a neighborhood featuring some large and very stylish single family homes.

* Bright and airy corner unit with enclosed patio / den / sun room.
* Two-door ~17 cu.ft frost free refrigerator
and modern stove in kitchen.
* New ceramic tile kitchen counters and sink
* Wall Mounted Air Conditioner in Living Room, thermal insulated roof.
* Gas heating. 
* Fly fan in dining area.
* Carpeting & Vinyl
* Ceramic tiled shower bath combination.
* Copper plumbing throughout building means clean water with good pressure.
* On site, coin-operated washer/dryer.
* Really easy street parking right in front of building at all hours except for two hours/week street cleaning time.

Photo/EastBlvd/E5-KeastNew-SVGA.JPG To the lower-left of sink is dishwasher with pre-heat cycle.

Bright (4-tube)  fluorescent light on ceiling.

Floor is ceramic Tile.

Counter tops are black granite.  
Kitchen sink has large & deep tub for pots..

Photo/EastBlvd/E5-KwestNew-SVGA.JPG Microwave oven over the stove.  

Ceramic tile on floor.

Black granite counters.

Stove has sealed burners for easy clean-up.

Ceiling has bright fluorescent lighting.

Refrigerator is two door, frost free, Mfg. GE Model TBX 18 cu.ft.
Photo/EastBlvd/E5-Den-SVGA.JPG Den / sun-room / enclosed patio

Photo/EastBlvd/E-Montage-RevC-R25.jpg Neighborhood includes many large homes.
Rental Application & Home Page