Supplemental Terms and Conditions for Unit ____

(A.1) Credit Report - As required by law, you are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your credit obligations.

(A.2) Sub-rental: No portion of the apartment may be sub-rented without the owner's permission. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld if the proposed occupant submits a completed rental application, has a proper credit rating, adequate income, appropriate rental history and agrees to abide by the terms of the rental agreement.

(A.3) Rent Due Date: Provided a full months rent was paid on move in, the amount of rent due during the second full calendar month of occupancy will be adjusted [on a pro-rated basis] so as to move the rent due date to the first of the month.

(A.4) Security Deposits: Security deposits are held in a separate segregated account and are not commingled with operating funds. It is the policy of the owner to refund security deposits in full when occupancy of the apartment is surrendered after end of lease or minimum occupancy provided: (i) no rents are due, (ii) only light cleaning is required prior to apartment re-rental, (iii) there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear (iv) no personal property need be repaired or replaced and (v) the keys originally provided have been returned. If the unit is vacated before the end or lease or minimum occupancy period, the security deposit may be used to cover lost rents and the actual costs of re-renting the apartment, including but not limited to cleaning, painting and advertising.

(A.5) Last Months Rent: Rent is to be paid on the first of each month as provided in the rental agreement, even if the intention is to only occupy the apartment for an additional fraction of a month. Provided 30 days notice has been given, the owner/manager will refund on a prorated basis unearned rents when the unit is vacated and surrendered. The security deposit may not be used in whole or in part by the renter toward payment of the last months rent. If renter plans to move out on the date coincident with the expiration of the lease, notice is to be given 30 days prior to move out.

(A.6) Form of Payment: Rent is to be paid by check or money order (not cash) payable to Michael Ernstoff. Rent is due on the first day of each month. A late charge indicated in Section "D" of the rental agreement may be added if (i) the payment has not been received by 5:00 PM on the forth business day of the month, (ii) the envelope bearing the rent payment has not been postmarked by the second business day of the month, or (iii) the check submitted as rent payment is returned after being deposited because it is drawn on an account containing insufficient funds. Rent paid by mail is to be sent to the address shown on the rental agreement.

(A.7) Telecommunication Devices: The installation of cable TV, satellite TV or digital telephone service will be allowed provided no cabling or antennas are installed on front or courtyard facing exterior walls. The installation and removal of satellite television antennas and wiring must be done by personnel covered by appropriate (workman’s comp) insurance. Antennas are to be removed on move out and cost of restoration of exterior surfaces to pre-move-in condition (currently estimated at $100) may be deducted from the security deposit refund as damage beyond normal wear and tear. No guarantees are made regarding the built in TV antenna system.

(A.8) Condition of Receipt - The owner's statement of condition shall be accepted as correct unless a corrected version is received from the renter within 30 days of the signing of this agreement. Small holes made in the walls to hang items will not be considered damage beyond normal wear and tear; residue left on walls from the use of adhesive tapes may be considered damage beyond normal wear and tear. Please no nails or holes into the kitchen cabinet woodwork.

(A.9) Pets - Renter acknowledges being advised that pets place at risk a substantial portion of the security deposit. Residual pet related odors constitute damage beyond normal wear and tear. Odor elimination usually requires replacing the carpeting, often over more than just the damaged area, to avoid unacceptable mismatches of color or texture.

(A.10) Re-rental facilitation - After Notice of intention of vacate has been delivered by renters, renters agree to not unreasonably inhibit access to unit for the purpose of displaying it to prospective renters on weekends. Renter agrees to designate at least two, one hour periods during each week that apartment can be shown.

(A.11) Acknowledgment: When more than one individual is named as tenant on the rental agreement and its amendments, each and all tenants agree that they are jointly and severally liable thereunder. The apartment is being rented as a single entity to the group of individuals named as tenants. Acceptance of the rent payment in the form of individual checks from each of the occupants does not imply each tenant is renting a portion of the apartment. If any of the checks prove nonnegotiable, the rent will not be considered as having been paid, and the owner/manager may proceed with the eviction of all occupants. Owner may insist on rent being paid with one single check.