In consideration of the receipt of cited funds, owner / manager agrees to enter into a new lease agreement. The future tenant(s), as named below, agree(s) that the rental will be governed by standard Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) Rental Agreement with the key terms shown below, as well as a set of rules & regulations, and the attached supplemental terms and conditions. It is further agreed, that should the future tenant fail to make any of the additional payments according to the schedule shown on this sheet, the owner may proceed with an eviction based on the rental rate called for in this agreement. If there is a conflict between this sheet and the AAGLA rental agreement, the AAGLA rental agreement shall prevail.

Landlord: Michael & Donna Ernstoff

Tenant(s): _____________ ___________

Premises: _______________ LA 90034

Beginning date:

Rental period: typically one year

Rent per month: $ for people

Day of Month Rent Due: 1st of each month .

Bounced Check Fee: $15 in addition to late rent charge.

Late Rent Charge: 3% for less than 11 days, 6% if more than 10 days.

Security Deposit: $ typically one month’s rent

Utilities Provided Hot water, Trash

Parking: Number of vehicles & location of parking

Storage: None

Named Tenant: Person to whom mail is addressed

Added tenant rent: 10% of monthly rent

Water Bed: none

Musical Instruments:

Charitable Organization: Salvation Army

Personal Property Provided: Stove (yes) Refrigerator (yes)

Pets: none (sometimes a cat)

The section above describes what will be filled in on the lease front sheet. 

That below describes supplemental agreements.

Received good faith deposit of $ to be credited toward the first month’s rent in the form of:

Ck No. Drawn on: _______________________

Due on or before move in or _______ is the balance of the rent and security deposit. The balance due must be paid in the form of CASH or MONEY ORDER; personal checks will not be accepted. After the first month, rent payment by personal check is preferred. REMEMBER BANKS ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAY and most Ready Tellers limit withdrawals to $200 / day!

If renter fails to pay security deposit by due date, owner/manager may keep rental deposit as liquidated damages. If owner cannot deliver premises on the lease start date, the good faith rental deposit will be immediately refunded.

Amount due prior to move in in the form of HARD money:

Rent $_______

Security Deposit = $_________

Form of payment: (cash | money order | ______________)

Special agreements:

  • Painting
  • Carpets
  • Cleaning
  • Blinds
  • Parking
  • Security deposit reduction after one year