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3717 Vinton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

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Vinton Court Yard

Photo/Vinton/V0-Roof-2005-019.JPG New roof '04

Front access gate is via telephone dialer.

Building is located in the Palms section of Los Angeles, one block north of Venice Blvd. and one block east of Motor Ave. Building is within walking distance of Sony Studios.
FEATURES: Constructed by Century21 in ~ 1986

Ten units: 4x two BdRm w/ two baths, 3x one  BdRm w/ one bath, 3x one BdRm w/ one bath + loft + roof patio
Parking: Gated covered tandum subterranean garage with direct access to gated courtyard.
Appliances: All units have refrigerators (typically 2 dr, 17 Cu.Ft.), stoves, wall AC (two in lofts),  dishwashers.
    many stoves and most all dishwashers have been upgraded.
Fireplace: All units have gas fired simulated logs.  Fireplaces cannot be used for heating.
Balcony: All second floor units have a balcony, lofts also have roof top patios, front unit has two balconies.
Plumbing: All copper potable water supply with thermostat controlled recirculating pump.  
Water heater: 100 gallon commercial 199,000 BTU / hour
Water Saving: All toilets are low flow, all bathroom and most all kitchen faucets are ceramic valves.
Framing: Building tented for termites ~2003
Roof: Rooftoppers installed new roof in 2003
Cable: Building prewired for master tv antenna and cable television.  Wiring technically owned by Comcast.
Telephone: Prewired, typically outlets prewired for at least two lines.
Entry System: Sentex dialer with remote control access and ten digit dialing.
Emergency Power: Emergency lighting in garage (2), head two stairwells (2) , and UPS for front / rear gates.
Laundry: Owner owned & maintained coin operated washers(2) and dryers(2) within courtyard  

RENTAL Agreements:
 All renters must enter into standard AAGLA rental agreements.  Minimum rental term is one year.
 All renters must provide security deposit equal to approximately one months rent or greater. .

3717 Vinton Garage Rain Drains  
vinton patio alignment
 Above is composite photo of rear most set of four parking stalls.  Photo is taken looking east.  
Two motorized sliding gates separate the rear of the garage from the alley.  
Note the interior door on far left that allows people to exit from the garage directly into the gated courtyard.

Both front & back gates have battery back up emergency power.
All gates have commercial grade operators, controllers, & sensors.
Front gate overhead operator has half horsepower commercial grade motor for rapid opening and closing of gate  Actual operator is newer than the one shown in the photograph.  Gate has photo-electric eye and magnetic loops to prevent inadvertent closing on vehicles.
  Need to add details on new backup power system . January 2012

The is emergency lighting adjacent to door from the garage to the south courtyard (left photo) and the door from the garage to the north courtyard (above).

Laundry room

Owner owned machines.

Vinton Location Map
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