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Once the prospective tenant and the owner/manager have negotiated the terms of the rental, the key terms are documented in the deposit receipt provided by the owner / manger in return for a good faith deposit approximately equal to 25% of the rent for the first month. Once the "Good Faith" deposit is received, the unit is removed from the rental market and held for the prospective tenant for the period stated in the deposit receipt. Sample Deposit Receipt

On receipt of: (1) the balance of the rent for the first month [one month of rent less the good faith deposit] and (2) the security deposit, then (3) the rental contract is signed by all parties and keys are provided to the tenant. The balance of the rent due as well as the security deposit must be paid in the form of HARD money - cash, money order, cashier's check, bank draft, electronic funds transfer. Subsequently, monthly rent should be paid by personal check.  If the rent start date is other than the first of the month, a partial rent payment will be due on the first day of the next month to bring the rent due date around to the first of the month.  See Pro-rating first month's rent

The rental contract consists of:
One year lease, unless otherwise agreed upon, based on AAGLA form. - see four pages below
Supplemental Terms and Conditions.  SupplementalTerms.html
Rules and Regulations  Rule N Regulations
Chemical Used Notification  - see below. Forms/ChemicalsUsedAll-XGA.jpg
Lead Paint Brochure receipt acknowledgement - EPA Lead Paint Brochure (older buildings only)
Security Deposit Notice - AAGLA Stamdard Form

The rental contract provides for:

Pro-rating of rent to bring rent due date to first of month independent of move in date.  Pro-rating first month's rent
Pro-rating of rent adjustment for additional occupant  Pro-rating Added Occupant Rent

Generic versions of these agreements are shown below: